Finally! The Perfect Guide on How to Run a Successful Side Hustle! 
Make Thousands of dollars a month working a side hustle from your home! 
I want to help you create a life that isn’t limited by the paycheque you earn, or the job you lost or the separation that brought everything to the ground. 
Keep Reading If You Want:
  • A Guide that will take you from ground zero to a working business in just 12 steps
  •  The ability to work and make money right away anywhere and any time you are available. 
  •  Recover from divorce, loss of job or loss of income on your own terms. 
  •  Access to an evidence-based approach to successfully freelance without any start up costs. 
  •  A NEW way of understanding freelancing. Yes, you have something to offer and is needed by people today. 
  •  Stories of success from others who have followed what I did and found success. Literally getting out of debt and supporting their families from home. 
  •  Unique approach to understanding your gifts and making them marketable. 
Your Successful 12 Steps to Making Money from Home!
This guide is more like a program. If you follow the steps and take action on each one, it will work! This book provides a detailed outline of everything you need to know! 

Finding Your Gig Tips

Everyone does multiple jobs a day. We don't even realize how much we do. Each one of those jobs can likely be divided into several gigs. Gigs that people are looking for and need for their business. This guide will help you find a variety of gigs you can offer right away. 

Encouragement & Motivation

I understand that putting yourself out there is brave! Your likely going to experience a  mix of emotions — ranging from excited to nervous to insecure to joyful. This guide will give you tips along the way to support you and move you through the times where doubts may be preventing you from action. I  share my exact experiences during each phase of creating a gig to pressing go and receiving my first offers.  You are not alone….and you’ve got this!

From 0 to fully ready and running Plan

I will give you the exact steps to get started in freelancing and get business right away. 

Specific  Program

I have broken the program into 12 clear steps. 

Important Additional Information 

Basically… everything I WISH I would have known before I tried all the network marketing schemes that never worked and left me more broke and frustrated. This will work. Trust me, if I can find success in this with the limited time, energy and equipment available - anyone can! 
Believe in yourself. 
who is this program for?
  • Anyone who is currently looking to make money from home
  • Anyone who is ready to change their life by adding a second income or what could be a fulltime income
  • Anyone who wants or needs flexibility in where and when they work
  • Anyone who recently lost their job, lost income due to circumstances, has children who have needs that are costly and need to supplement their income
  • Anyone who is a single parent and has limited time to work
  • Anyone who is ready to change their life by adding a second income
Start your Successful Freelancing Business Today!
who am i...
Karen Vos
is a mom of two, a full time elementary school teacher, online educator, author and now successful freelancer. She is best known for her passionate and creative approach in all her areas of work! Karen has lived many stories in one life which makes her authentic connection to others powerful. She is known for her real-life experience. 

Karen's followers often describe her as "positive, motivating and relatable."

She has a PhD in enteprenership, is an educator, content writer and has a successful freelancing career that has primarily focused on voice over work and meditations. 

Karen is the author of the Successful Side Hustle program that has helped many people find their unqiue talents and gifts and market them successfully. 

Karen became a single Mom early on in her motherhood journey and she understands the emotional and financial struggle that can be put on a single mom. Her experiences and vulnerable thoughts are shared throughout this entire program, to help other single parents (and anyone who is struggling to provide for their family, save for a vacation or a car or anything that is considered an extra)  who may be going through similar experiences. 
Why I had to develop this program!
Every day people reach out to me asking for help in doing what I'm doing! Making money in a side hustle!

Most people feel frustrated because they are tired of network marketing that sell "the dream" and promise "easy money". 

 There aren’t many resources available to people that show the REAL side of having a second income and making a side hustle work.  

I began by needing to pay for my kids school tuition. I knew upfront that I didn't have money to invest, I needed something that I could do at home and it had to be while my kids were sleeping. I felt frustrated and worried about my income situation, as I was the only provider in time, support and money for my children.  I was worried about providing them with the life they deserved.  I was afraid I might not be a good mom.

I would share these struggles and would get a flood of people saying, "I am struggling too and really need to start making money soon".

The problem is that most of the programs promising a side hustle success cost money upfront and don't offer results. 

Truthfully, the true success is for those who do the work. There is no program to get rich quick that requires no effort that actually works. 

 So many people live frozen in their struggle and as time goes by they are left questioning whether they can actually offer something that someone is willing to pay for.  People are struggling with self worth…give yourself grace to overcome your challenges one step at a time,   

So many people get discouraged because they don't know how to start making money for themselves. It feels overwhelming. They may start things and then say to themselves "I feel like I'm just making negative progress. It’s not worth it.”

Everyone has the potential to make an income in freelancing. If I could do it working from my closet - SO CAN YOU! 

So, I set out on a mission:

To help as many people that struggle to meet their financial demands as possible! 

And that’s when this guide book was born!

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You're Getting...
Karen's Guide to a Successful Side Hustle. (Including Specific Step-By-Step Guidelines For building your freelance business) 

I Am So Blessed To Say That This Program Has Changed The Lives Of Countless People! 
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For the cost of a Starbucks breakfast - you CAN CHANGE YOUR LIFE!

So what are you waiting for?!

This is completely risk-free... or at least I think it is. The cost of this guide book is literally the cost of a coffee and breakfast sandwich for your family. 

If you think there might be the slightest chance that this could help you have the most financially successful year of your life, stop procrastinating and click the button that says "A Successful Side Hustle Starts Here" to get started on this journey.

I am here to help!

I am here for you and want to support you during this phase!

Your friend,

You Might Be Wondering…
Can I get this program if I work full time?
Of course! I was a single parent with two young kids and working full time as a teacher when I started. 
Do I need special equipment?
Do you have a computer? 
Do have access to wifi?
If you said yes to both questions, you are good to go!
Are there any fees to get started?
Nope! I firmly believe in making money and not spending money at the beginning of a venture. 
How long does it take to set a gig up?
Depending on how detailed you make things... maximum one hour. 
Can anyone work on a site like Fiverr - anywhere in the world?
You bet! Freelancing can be done anywhere in the world. All money made is transferred to your bank account. Fiverr headquarters are in Tel Aviv, I get paid in US dollars and my bank is in Canada. I have worked with clients from all over the world. 
Can I do this program even if I don't have any experience freelancing?
You bet! I learned by watching YouTube videos when I didn't know how. There are no education or experience requirements. 
When I purchase The Successful Side Hustle, how will it be delivered to me?
The Successful Side Hustle is a digital product that will be sent to you in PDF form. When you purchase the book, you will be able to access the book from the Order Confirmation page. Once you click your access link, you will be able to view the content in your browser and you will have the option to download it to your computer.
Begin Your Successful Side Hustle Today! 
You're Getting...
Karen's "Successful Side Hustle" guide. The guide will walk you through 12 steps to starting your own successful side hustle.
P.S. - Don't put yourself last for one more minute, you deserve to take care of yourself and your family.

Take action now and see what a difference this program can make for you and your family. 
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